Best pizza in Oslo? Villa Paradiso?

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I love pizza! Do you? On 17 of Mai, The national day of Norway I ended up going to Villa Paradiso to eat with some friends. My friend told me that they are specialist on pizza and that they have on of the best pizza's in Oslo! I was not sure if i believed here, but since i like pizza i had to try it.

The place is pretty big and really popular. They make the traditional Italian pizzas in an original pizza oven. You kinda feel like your in Italy when you are there. The Menu has a big variety, but i still think they could have had even more. Most of their pizzas cost between 150 and 180. So, I have to admit that the pizzas were really good, but i don't know if its one of the best. I also think that the prices are to high. Maybe its just me, but 150 is to much for an Italian pizza i think, But there has to be a market for it, if not they would not survive. So, if you are a pizza lover you should try out this place and let me know what you think! Maybe you can tell me where the best pizza in Oslo is :)

The place is right by Olaf Ryes plass, next to the park theater. You can take the tram 11-12-13 to get here :) and the stopp is called Olaf Ryes plass.

here you can find their web page

Enjoy the pizza,


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Kristi Strøm Lie

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det så skikkleig godt ut, jeg

det så skikkleig godt ut, jeg skal reise dit å smake selv en kveld :))

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