Do you like Fresh Beer? Salzburg, Barcelona!

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Do you like beer? Do you want fresh beer served directly at your table?
Then you should go to Salzburg by Hospital Clinic!

A few weeks ago, i was in Barcelona looking around for a place to eat when i walking into this super cool place! At first we did not have any idea of what we had found. After a while we found out that at the table booths you had your own Beer tap! You could tap your own beer directly at your table!
FRESH AND SMOOTH directly from the tap into your glass!

Normally when you go out you have to order a new beer every time you run out, but here you just had to lift you glass and tap some more! At the end, they calculate how much you have drank and that is what you pay for.

They also serve different kinds of beer, and you can find some with almost 11% alcohol.

The food at this place is also pretty good. We just has some regular hamburgers at a pretty good price.

So, if you are in Barcelona and your looking for something cool, you should stop by this place and tap your own beer :)

Its located right at the metro stop called Hospital Clinic. Its at the corner where carrer del rossello meets with Comte de urgell.

Have fun ;)