Peggy Sue, REAL American Diner!

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Peggy Sue, A super Cool American diner in Barcelona! If you have a big interest in good hamburgers with style, you should def make a visit to this restaurant!

The Old style, with the green and the pink, gives this place a unique experience. The furniture and everything matches the walls and the floors. Since its an american diner, they also play typical old music that fits right in with the rest of the place.

The Prices are pretty good for being such a popular restaurant, and the burgers we tried were really good.

you can find their web page here, To enter you have to put the coin in the music machine :)

The one i went to was at this adress in Barcelona
C/Travesera de Gracía,35

They have this Restaurant brand all over Spain in many different cities, so if you wonder if they have one where you live or where you are going, clik on their web page, put the coin and the machine and push the button " Donde Estamos" :)

So if you are looking for a full treat, go to Peggy sue! I sure had a great time! :)