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Aloha! Do you Like Hawaii? Me and my friend were out walking in Oslo tonight, when we suddenly came across this bar with the sign "Aku-Aku". We had never been there before, so we decided to check it out.

Walking in the bar, we were meet by a cozy Hawaiian theme. The light is dimmed with a red'is hint. In the roof there was a wood boat, and all over the place there were things from Hawaii.

When we were there, they played a little reggae and some other soft types of music. We could have a conversation with out yelling, it was actually pretty nice :)

The bar was very popular and i will def go back soon. We just went there to grab some beers, but they also had some super cool drinks/cocktail's that looked extremely good!

Well if you are in Oslo, Say ALOHA and go to Aku-Aku!

The bar is located super close Olaf Ryes plass in "Toftes Gate"