Amazing Jalta

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My first visit to Ukraine was back in 2006, when my husband and I spent a autumn weekend in Hotel Londonskaya in Odessa. We had a great time in this sofisticated Black Sea holiday town, but two days were absolutely not enough.
This time, when visiting Jalta on Crimea, we decides to stay for one week. The actual reason for visiting this laidback holdiday town on Southern Crimea was the European championships in Swimming for masters, for which the Ukraines were hosts.
We stayed in Massandra hotel, just 400 m from the big Yalta Intourist hotel, where the competitions were held.

Jalta really impressed us; nice, clean, beautiful beaches, nice food and wine:) and not to mention the nice people we met. Well, not speaking Russian or Ukraine could sometimes be a challange, but we always managed to find a way.
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