Milano Duomo

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Your legs are hurting after the 165 stair steps, but you can already feel the soft breeze of fresh air at the end. Just around the corner awaits a beautiful sight, something you have never seen before. The Dome of Milan took 500 years to build and this alone is enough reason to spend merely 30 minutes visiting it.

You can pay 5 euros and take the 165 stair steps or instead spend 8 euros and choose the elevator. Anyway you will find yourself on top the most spectacular building in Milan. You will be able to walk around on top of the 100 year old cathedral.

Also you will be on the tallest building in the center of Milan, so you can look down on the busiest square of Milan(Piazza Del Duomo) or try to figure out where your hotel is between all the church towers.

If you are ever in Milan, or even close to Milan, or even ..Nevermind. This is a sight you can't miss!

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