Girlstrip to Turkey

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I have been to Turkey, in a one-time small town called Mahmutlar. Now it is full of high-rise buildings and many half-finished, too. There are nice beaches and nice people. The people was not running after you; either in stores, nor at the beach or in the restaurants; but they are at your service whenever you want and they are very polite and very nice. We were on a Girls trip, we stayed in a penthouse flat at the 9 floor and from there it was stairs up to 10`th floor where there was a huge veranda, in contrast to 9`floor, that was only great. We should be 8, but suddenly we were 9 persons, Dagny's brother would like to come, even though it was a girls trip, and he would like to have with him a comrade. Dagny arranged accommodation for them in the 6 floor. We were 7 girls in a penthouse, and we had a great time. It was almost like a trip for several generations. There was Dagny and Anne Gro which is 50 minus and plus. Karianne, daughter of Dagny, and her friend Lene who are 30 plus, it is Silje Therese (15), daughter of Lene and Anne Lene (14) she is the ant child of Karianne and Lene so it was me, and Then there was the two boys Richardt and Jarle in the 6 floor, we are just like a big family.
It started with trouble at the airport in Antalya, Jarle did not find his passport, so he was not aloud to enter the country. However, to make a long story short; the passport was in his jacket pocket, which was left in the aeroplane, and it had gone back to Norway. Therefore, it was 24 hours in jail while waiting for the passport. We were not sure what happened, but we were all excited when he phoned the next day and said; now I'm coming.
The day after Lene lost here glasses in the waves. Lene and Dagny went to Alanya to find some new glasses. They can fix this cheap and quickly. However, it was the interference in the beach plans. Nevertheless, as I said; no ill mines here, it will work out.
One day Richardt and Jarle came up to us, they had a problem or two. First, there is no water in the apartment any longer and they had locked themselves out. The problem was that there was only one key to the apartment. Someone had shut down the water in the basement, Richard was able fixed that, but we had to call the locksmith. Nevertheless, this is not as difficult as we thought and soon this was fixed too.
We spent one day in the Turkish bath, we get scrubbed, getting oil massage, face massage, mask, manicure, pedicure and stylist; it is after all a Girlstrip. There were three handsome young men, who would wash us; but first half an hour in the hot bath to dissolve and relax, (on the marble slabs, it was not easy). When I had to turn around, I had major problems with it, not very elegant I have to say. We wondered for a while what Dagny had booked in the bathroom, because it splashed and clashed, and she screamed. The washer was making fun. It was Dagny, Anne Gro and I at the same time. I was pinched in the toe and the guy who washed Anne Gro pointed at Anne Gro. Next pinch he who washed me, pointed at the guy washing Anne Gro, it was him, this was repeated and the atmosphere in the bathroom was very jovial. It ended up with a water war between us and the washing guys when we should be flushed. It was a very positive experience. After completing the wash and massage, I headed for the stylist who was going to do my hair. He probably cut about 2,5 inch, and so it was dried completely smooth. It was a need process. I received praise for my smooth hair; they said it was all nice.
One day when the weather was a bit gray, we took a couple of taxis into the mountains. It is a different day and a nice diversion. Many fine mountain combinations. We saw a huge dam, but no water. However, in winter, there is lots of water, and often they have to evacuate some of the smaller settlements. We meet at a turtle; it is much photographed. At some place, we saw the water flow from the mountains. Here you could fill water bottles and drink as much as you want, it is clean. We ended up in a restaurant located in the middle of the River. The name of the place was Dim River. There are fleets out in the river, and up the edges. Waiters waded around and served. Then there was a sudden rainfall, so they become wet from all sides and their shirts stuck to their bodies. HmmmJ. We sat on cushions with low tables, and there was roof on the fleets. The food was very good and we had a great day. It was possible to get a ride on a camel there, but none of us was tempted at the time.
We had a couple of days with some big waves at the beach; I thought it was fun and get me some rounds when I get thrown into the shore again. One can just forget to enter the shore gracefully and chic, so one can just as easily roll into the waves, it was like having a private carousel.
The young girls were very much liked by the two youngest waiters at the restaurant we usually go to. There were many protests when we suggest going elsewhere. It is fun to see these youngsters swarm it is an international game. There are two boys coming to our door in their finest clothing’s, and they will have the girls to go for a walk, but it is a little bit too scary. Eventually we get to organize so they get a walk in the park alone. The boys have strict notice from the other waiters to behave like gentlemen. Then they disappear into the park and down to the beach. All are "a little" uneasy, but one of the waiters goes to look for them to see that everything is in order. The girls get roses and flowers, both real and in paper that the boys have made, there is a big fuss and they say they will never go home to Norway.
We had lots of sun and fine weather, the day it was gray and no rain, we were on the taxi ride in the mountains and had a nice time and its delicious temperature even if there is no sun. Otherwise, we have been at the beach every day and gathered D vitamins for the winter. Every night we went to Sunny bar for dinner, dance and flirtation. Dagny and Karianne taught them how to do the Line dance and that was very popular.
We were always encouraged to come up on the counter and applaud when some of the waiters sjonglerte or danced. Some were easier than others to ask..
One of them juggles bottles with burning torches in the spout. We are standing on the counter and applaud.
The last night there was a violent storm, very strong wind and everything on the terrace was reshuffle. Anne Gro kept track of everything, also Karianne who is afraid of thunder. However, her attempt to consolation Karianne, by claiming that it is nice to be in 9`th floor, in case of tsunami or earth shelve fell, lucky or not, we have not found the answer.
All agree that there has been a great trip, just good travelling companions and the boys had had a good time on the Girlstrip. They even say they will do it again J
So, then we had to leave. It's raining lightly but it does not bather us at this time. The taxi is late and we get very busy at the airport. A little nerve now, will we reach this plane? Then it was my turn not to find my passport. The others were looking in my stuff while I run back to where my suitcase had been scanned. That was the last time I had it in my hand. It was not there, but just then, Richardt came running with the passport, and I remembered that I had put it in the carry bag, because I could not lift the suitcase up on the band with only one hand. Pooh!
We made it. Thank you all fellow travellers for a great trip.

så da har jeg skrevet en

så da har jeg skrevet en reiseskilldring til. håper noen liker den