From Oslo to Bergen by train

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The conductor blows her whistle, and the train starts mowing from Oslo Central-station toward Bergen. This train journey passes through a beautiful mountain pass and reaches on its highest point 1222 Meters above sea level.

Katong katong katong. The soothing sound of the train moving forward. We pass Hønefoss, Nesbyen and a few hours later the landscape changes into a mountain scenery. We arrive at Finse, the highest point on this route, and After Finse we arrive at Myrdal - the station where the popular Flåm railway connects with the Bergen-Oslo train – and then we start descending toward Voss and Bergen.

To travel by train is a great way to see a country, I discussed the meaning of train travel, with one of my fellow passengers, and he stated: that when you travel by train, your mind arrives in the place at the same time as your body, in contrast with plane-travel, where your mind is still home in Oslo while your body just landed in Paris. Train – especially in Norway where electricity is made mainly by waterfall-power – is also a very environment-friendly way of traveling.

The travel time from Oslo to Bergen is around 7 hours.

NSB - the Norwegian railroad company -offers some very cheap tickets on every departure -so in theory- if you order some time in advance you can travel to almost any destination in Norway with a working train-station, for only 190 NOK

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