Awesome adventure in Provence

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If you want to experience the world's second largest canyon/gorge(25km long and up to 700m deep) and the highest bungee jumping site in Europe(180m),you should go to Gorges du Verdun in Provence.

You can drive along the canyon on both sides by car, having the most fantastic view from the numerous "corniches" along the steep and narrow road. Or you can go hiking down by the turquoise river. When I was there the temperature was 30 C and the river offered a very refreshing dive. Remember to bring enough to drink! The path is safe and easy,and the vegetation is very rich. There are different starting points.

If you want more challenge you must try bungee jumping from Pont de l'Artuby.
When I stood on the rail of the bridge looking down at the dry river, a fight went on inside my head between the thought that this was perfectly safe and the instinct that says that if you jump from a bridge 180 meters above ground you will die. I'm also scared of heights, and got second thoughts, but I knew I would regret it if I didn't do it.
The moment my feet let go of the bridge was extremely thrilling, and the rest was a pure pleasure! Except that I thought I would be hoisted up again, but I had to walk!

A nice place to stay while you enjoy all this is Grand Hotel Bain in the village Comps-sur-Artuby. Good food, nice rooms, reasonable price, sound of nightingale included.

Hei flot du fikk til med

Hei flot du fikk til med bildene. jeg skal med turid og kristi til rukan og håppe der. ikke jeg da. Kansje du har lyst til å være med

Ser kjempe spennende ut og

Ser kjempe spennende ut og hoppe 180 meter i strik i fra den brua!